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NEDA had been appointed as official National Service Partner in Afghanistan for Yahsat’s YahClick service. YahClick is beamed through the Y1B Satellite, which is the first satellite in the region to offer Internet connectivity through Ka-band multi-spot beams, with reusable frequencies to maximize spectrum efficiency.

YahClick is a high-performance satellite broadband service for Home and Business users in the Middle East, Africa, Central, and South West Asia. With YahClick, subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted high-speed Internet anywhere in the coverage area. YahClick will deliver truly cost-effective broadband service, through a modem and easily installed a small satellite dish, and supported with in-country technical, operational and customer care.

With YahClick, a subscriber can enjoy access to high-speed broadband internet service anywhere in the coverage area, regardless of how many people live in the area, or whether the location is on top of a mountain, on the beach, or in the middle of a forest. The same YahClick high-quality broadband service is available to subscribers in each country of coverage independently of the quality of traditional internet service in that country or the subscriber’s physical location. YahClick allows subscribers to truly enjoy high-speed broadband no matter where they are within the YahClick coverage area at an affordable cost.

How Does YahClick Satellite Internet Technology Work?

High performance, reliable and wide-reaching broadband internet for everyone
YahClick is offered through a new generation of satellites that leverage the higher bandwidth available in Ka-band. It is the first satellite service in the region to offer internet connectivity through Ka-band multi-spot beams, with reusable frequencies that make more satellite capacity available to users at a lower cost.


These high throughput satellites are based on a multi-spot beam payload and are optimized for delivering satellite broadband services. The main advantages over conventional satellites include:

  • Smaller antenna size (74 cm) and low power radio transmitter driving down equipment costs;
  • Cost effective bandwidth supply due to efficient frequency re-use in spot beams;
  • Faster and more reliable internet access speeds;
  • In a frequency re-use scheme, the same frequency is re-used numerous times over different geographical areas, much like cellular phone technology (GSM cells);
  • Frequency re-use directly translates into increased throughput;
  • There is more Ka-band available than previously used satellite bands Ku and C band. This means more users can benefit from satellite services from a single satellite.

Latest Generation Service Plans Featuring Best Value Pricing

These packages were designed to fit any requirements from individual users to businesses

Unlimited Basic

$129 per month
    • 1/0.5Mbps
    • Decent Internet service at affordable price anywhere in Afghanistan
    • Unlimited Data

Unlimited 3Mbps

$172 per month
    • 3/1Mbps
    • Optimal plan that suits most of the use-cases – best value solution
    • Unlimited Data

Unlimited 6Mbps

$335 per month
    • 6/2Mbps
    • Ideal for small and home offices who needs broadband experience
    • Unlimited Data

Unlimited 10Mbps

$447 per month
    • 10/3Mbps
    • This plan will cover any business needs, including cloud-based apps
    • Unlimited Data

Unlimited 16Mbps

$541 per month
    • 16/3Mbps
    • Designed for multiple concurrent users or/and heavy content
    • Unlimited Data

To ensure fair Internet access for all subscribers, Yahsat maintains a Fair Access Policy (FAP). Download a detailed Fair Access Policy to choose the plan with the best value for you.

YahClick Legacy Plans

Neda does support Yahclick legacy plans – please download the full list here and contact our sales representative to confirm service coverage and pricing in your region.

Questions & Answers

What is Fair Access Policy (FAP)?

Fair Access Policy limits the transfer of a specified amount of data over a period of time. Internet service providers commonly apply a cap when a channel intended to be shared by many users becomes overloaded, or maybe overloaded, by a few users. Please confirm FAP restrictions for each group of plans with your sales manager to be sure that the chosen service plan fits your actual requirements.

What is FAP-token?

YahClick FAP-token resets your package data allowance and could be activated 24/7 through customers’ end-user portal. Please contact our sales representative for more information.

Hardware Cost

Afghanistan is covered by multiple beams and we can commission YahClick consumer and enterprise VSAT terminals on any beam. This makes NEDA-YahClick service be available in any part of the country. Size of a required antenna (0.75m or 0.98m) depends on how well the customer’s location is covered. Please consult with our sales team on the size of the antenna you require in your area.

Installation Cost

Installation charges are subject to the location of the customer. Typical installation fee in major cities varies between $50 and $150. Remote areas are usually more expensive. Please contact our sales team for installation fees in your area.

Installation Time

NEDA has a distributed support network across Afghanistan, it will allow us to perform YahClick installations within 24-48 hours.

Get Your YahClick Quotation

Our sales team is always happy to help with the right YahClick solution for your business or residential needs. Please choose Click package and let us know your location to offer the most cost-efficient option. We guarantee performance, reliability, and suburb customer support services.

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