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Truly Affordable Internet Service in Afghanistan

NEDA is very excited to bring broadband Internet connectivity to individuals and households in Afghanistan. There’s a plan that’s perfect for every budget and every digital lifestyle.  Get fast speeds at affordable rates for your home or office. YouTube, Skype, Facebook, and other popular Internet application are available with NEDA – with Jet plans, we’ve got you covered for all you streaming and Internet needs. We cooperate with construction companies, business centers and property management organizations to deliver Jet Plans to residents SOHO customers. Prebuilt Internet communications it is a great competitive advantage for property businesses.

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Designed for SOHO & residential users


1,300 AFN per month
    • 1Mbps
    • 1GB at 1Mbps during peak hoursUnlimited data at 1Mbps all night

      Throttled speed 0.5Mbps

    • Unlimited data always
    • Jet Individual* 2,200 AFN


2,000 AFN per month
    • 2Mbps
    • 1.5GB at 2Mbps during peak hoursUnlimited data at 2Mbps all night

      Throttled speed 0.7Mbps

    • Unlimited data always
    • Jet Individual* 3,400 AFN


2,500 AFN per month
    • 3Mbps
    • 2GB at 3Mbps during peak hoursUnlimited data at 3Mbps all night

      Throttled speed 0.7Mbps

    • Unlimited data always
    • Jet Individual* 4,200 AFN


Our brand-new Jet Pro Plans – more speed and data

Designed for Heavy Internet Users & Business Customers


4,500 AFN per month
    • 3Mbps
    • 2.5GB at 3Mbps during peak hoursUnlimited data at 3Mbps all night

      Throttled speed 1Mbps

    • Unlimited data always


6,000 AFN per month
    • 6Mbps
    • 4GB at 6Mbps during peak hoursUnlimited data at 3Mbps all night

      Throttled speed 1Mbps

    • Unlimited data always


7,500 AFN per month
    • 9Mbps
    • 6GB at 9Mbps during peak hoursUnlimited data at 9Mbps all night

      Throttled speed 1Mbps

    • Unlimited data always


Jet Terms & Conditions

Fair Access Policy (FAP)

To ensure fair Internet access for all NEDA subscribers, we maintain a Fair Access Policy (FAP). This policy establishes an equitable balance in Internet access. NEDA assigns a daily download threshold at advertised speed to each service plan that throttled Internet speed to 0.7 Mbps during peak hours.


Unlimited downloads at advertised speed during the Free Zone (12:00 am – 06:00 am) for all Jet plans.

*Jet Individual

If we don’t have coverage in your building, there is always an option to provide you with a dedicated microwave connection at 2,000 AFN. This service is a bit more expensive due to the additional installation and service related costs.

Installation Time

Typical installation takes up to 1-3 days.

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Please choose Jet package that suits you and let us know your location to connect you at the shortest. We guarantee performance, reliability, and suburb customer support services.

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