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Neda Telecommunications

Neda Telecommunications is a pioneer ISP in Afghanistan

Founded in 2003 as the first licensed ISP in Afghanistan, starting with dial-up and moving swiftly into wireless broadband services. Neda Telecommunications quickly established itself as the leading Internet Service Provider in Afghanistan with a presence in most major cities and plans to roll out still further. Today, NEDA is the preferred ISP for most of the Banks and Ministries in Kabul, a fact that confirms the reliability of our service.

To achieve a high level of reliability and performance, NEDA continuously develops its network infrastructure. Our pioneering spirit is evidenced by the creation of a national network, that covers all regions of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: independent terrestrial fiber backbones, world-class satellite earth station facilities. Throughout the provinces and other urban centers of Afghanistan we offer VSAT services on 5 satellites and all 3 of the most widely used VSAT hardware platforms, Hughes’s system, ViaSat’s system and the most popular and widely available VSAT system in today’s market iDirect Technologies.

Our Team

NEDA has a staff of almost 100 personnel based in our offices in Afghanistan. Our technical department is led by internationals from different parts of the World. It is a pre-requisite of the company to employ senior IT staff with an internationally recognized computer science or associated qualifications and all our senior technical staff are extremely proficient in network management, routing and all the Internet Service Provider technical functions.
NEDA is an Afghan company and we are developing the skill set of our local staff in house and now have some of the finest technicians in the country. With 90% of our staff being Afghan nationals we feel that NEDA is doing its best to ensure the long-term sustainability of the company in the region and meeting the Islamic Government of Afghanistan’s requirement for private sector companies to employ Afghan nationals.

Mission and Vision

Our mission at NEDA is to build out infrastructure and networks which will facilitate the social and economic growth of Afghanistan, within the development goals of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. To ensure that communications are brought to rural and urban areas alike at affordable rates.
Our vision is an Afghanistan connected to the rest of the world as an equal, able to enjoy all the economic and social benefits of internet connectivity.

Partner program

Join our growing family of dozens of partners who are already experiencing the benefits of a partnership with one of the leading Internet providers in Afghanistan. Please submit your partner request and all the details to partner@neda.af


NEDA is always looking to hire great talent to join the team. Please send your CV and cover letter to jobs@neda.af

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